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Workshop on Variable Generation Forecasting Applications to Power System Planning and Operations

February 26-27, 2013 - Salt Lake City, Utah

Workshop Agenda

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This multi-day workshop will be held at the Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek beginning on Tuesday morning, February 26 and ending at 5:30 pm Wednesday, February 27. The primary audience for the workshop include participants in the UVIG Operating Impacts and Integration Study User Group, as well as other UVIG members. The workshop is open to UVIG members and invited guests and the attendance will be limited to facilitate discussion amongst the participants

This workshop is intended for utility, wind and solar industry personnel associated with producing and using variable generation (VG) plant output forecasts for power system operation. The workshop purposes are to:

  • Develop a better understanding of the value of VG forecasting in the day-ahead, hour-ahead and real-time periods
  • Explore the practical aspects of the use of VG forecasting models to the scheduling and operation of power systems
  • Develop a better understanding of VG forecasting developments on the horizon
  • Continue an ongoing dialog between the VG forecasting research, development, applications and user communities

This workshop is organized around a collection of 8 sessions and 3 themes. The first three sessions are trying to get at the questions associated with the value of forecasting. Forecasting value is driven in large part by three things: market design, system design and operating practices, and trading strategies. If you change the rules or approach in any of these areas, you change the aspects of the forecasts that matter and the perceived value of the forecasts. The first three sessions will examine these questions in more detail, followed by a session on implementation.

The second theme is forecasting operation experience, which will consist of 2 sessions, followed by the theme of R&D developments, consisting of the next 2 sessions. The workshop will be concluded with a summary session outlining some ideas for the future.

Workshop topics include:

  • Forecasting, Reserves and Efficient Market Operation: What have We Learned?
  • Evolution of Market Design in Response to VG Penetration
  • Use of Forecasts in Trading Operations
  • Incorporation of Forecasting into the EMS and Market Operation Software: Where Are We?
  • Large System VG Forecasting Experience - An Update
  • VG Forecasting R&D Advances

The U.S. Department of Energy Wind and Solar Programs plan to hold co-located meetings around the workshop. Here are descriptions of these meetings:

DOE Solar Program Meeting
February 25, 1 pm to 4 pm

Purpose: To solicit detailed input from a broad spectrum of stakeholders, on appropriate metrics, their definition, calculation method, and applications, to measure accuracy of solar forecasts. Attendance and active participation from electric utilities, ISO/RTOs, solar forecasting industry, and other stakeholders are requested by DOE at this workshop. Input from stakeholders will assist in guiding the development of a common set of metrics and their applications. Attendees input - especially the end-users of solar forecasts - will be invaluable in shaping the discussions.

The workshop will begin with brief presentations on the Forecasting FOA scope by DOE, brief proposed scope of work and initial thoughts on metrics by NCAR and by IBM, and proposed colloborative efforts, by NOAA - each presentation to last about 15 minutes. After these presentations, the workshop will enter into a facilitated discussion mode in which input will be solicited from the participants on what are the metrics by which they think accuracy of forecasts should be measured, and how to define those metrics. Next, the discussion will turn towards gathering input on baseline establishment processes for forecast accuracy measurement, and the process for setting achievable target values to measure improvement in accuracy. Some read-ahead material on metrics will be provided to the registered participants closer to the workshop date.

DOE Wind Program Meeting
February 28, 9 am to 11 am

Purpose: To discuss how DOE has responded to the feedback from last year's R&D priorities meeting, discuss what activities DOE has initiated and plans to undertake going forward, and solicit feedback on those plans. Attendance and active participation from electric utilities, ISO/RTOs, forecasting industry, and other stakeholders are requested by DOE at this workshop. Input from stakeholders will assist in guiding the further development of the Wind and Water Power Programs research agenda.

Location and Accommodations

The workshop will take place at the

Salt Lake Marriott Downtown at City Creek
75 South West Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
Phone: (801) 531-0800
Fax: (801) 532-4127

Please mention UVIG or the Utility Variable-Generation Integration Group to receive the rate of $140 per night plus applicable taxes. Please note that the group block has expired and the hotel will honor the group rate on a space available basis. The hotel does not have availability the night of February 28.

The Radisson Hotel Salt Lake City Downtown's published rate for one night is $139 per night plus tax. They are also offering a 20% discount if you stay a minimum of 2 nights which brings the advertised rate to $112.


Registration for this workshop is available online. Registration for this event will be limited to employees of UVIG member organizations and invited guests.

Registration costs are as follows:

$575 - workshop registrants

$425 - workshop speakers

For information about eligibility to attend the workshop and the registration link, contact:

Sandy Smith
UVIG Conference & Communications Coordinator
Phone: (865) 218-4600, ext. 6141
Fax: (865) 218-8999

Cancellations and Refunds

All requests for refunds must be submitted to UVIG in writing. Refunds may not be processed until after the event.

  • Requests received by February 21, 2013 - receive full refund
  • Requests received after February 21, 2013 - receive refund less $250 administrative fee
  • Registrants who have not paid by February 21 will need to make arrangements to pay in advance via credit card or risk having their registrations cancelled

For more information, please send e-mail to

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