UWIG Operating Impacts Study

The Utility Wind Integration Group organized a seminal research project to determine the impact wind generation has on the real-time operations and short-term planning of electric power systems. This impact can compel utilities to charge wind plant owner/operators for the perceived cost of additional cost capacity, an economic barrier to broader deployment of wind as a generation source.

The project analyzed the impact of the characteristics of wind generation on generation control and reserve requirements and studying the impact of the characteristics of wind generation on unit commitment decisions. Electrotek Concepts conducted the project, which received funding from UWIG, EPRI, Xcel Energy, the Western Area Power Administration, the American Public Power Association, and the National Rural Cooperative Association.

pdficon.gif (224 bytes) Download the UWIG Operating Impacts Project final report - Characterizing the Impacts of Significant Wind Generation Facilities on Bulk Power Systems Operations Planning, May 2003

pdficon.gif (224 bytes) Download "Assessing the Impact of Wind Generation on System Operations at Xcel Energy - North and Bonneville Power Administration," a paper on the project presented at the AWEA WindPower 2002 Conference

View the July 19, 2001 project announcement press release

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